Cat Engine Rebuilds

If your truck needs a Cat engine overhaul, no one makes it easier than Foley RIG360 Truck Center. Foley RIG360 has helped truck drivers from coast to coast get back on the road by giving their Cat engines a second life.

When it comes to choosing between a new engine and an engine rebuild, there’s no one solution that applies to every company.

Foley RIG360 Truck Center continues to perform more and more rebuilds on Cat engines each year, which raises our technicians’ expertise to an even higher level. This allows our service team to provide efficient diagnoses, the highest quality service and excellent turnaround time.

Cat certified engine rebuilds provide you “like new” engine performance without the price of a new engine.

Rebuilt Caterpillar Truck Engine

Why buy a new semi-truck engine when you can rebuild your Cat engine?

A rebuild also know as an overhaul is a service that returns an engine to like-new condition. During the rebuild process, engines are removed from equipment, completely disassembled, fully inspected and cleaned, repaired in places where repairs are needed, then tested for performance. Once the testing has confirmed that the engine is operating like a new model, the engine is returned to the equipment and put to work.

A commercial engine rebuild is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve equipment performance. There are significant cost savings compared to buying new and even used engines, and a Cat engine rebuild can sometimes provide even better performance than what you’ll find with a new option. A rebuild isn’t the perfect solution for all on-highway trucks,, but it’s important to consider engine rebuild solutions before making a buying decision.

When Is an Engine Rebuild Needed?

Engine failure is often a prompt for a commercial engine rebuild, but look for signs that your engine may fail in the near future. For example, when you experience a noticeable loss in power over time, that’s a strong indication that an engine rebuild may be needed. As mentioned above, the engine rebuild includes the removal and inspection of the engine. In many cases, this process can reveal the cause behind your engine’s power loss. The solution may even be a simple one, and there’s no need to wait for engine failure to find that solution.

Engine Rebuild Services vs. Engine Rebuild Kits

At Foley RIG360 Truck Centers, we offer both engine rebuild services and engine rebuild kits. Our rebuild services include the many steps in the process listed above. We’ll remove and disassemble your engine, spend time cleaning and inspecting its parts and make replacements where needed. We’ll then reassemble your engine and test its performance before returning it to the equipment.

But there’s another path you can choose. If you have modest expertise or in-house resources, you can opt instead for a commercial engine rebuild kit. These kits will allow you to follow a similar process that we use when we conduct our overhaul services. In many cases, choosing an engine rebuild kit is the easiest and most cost-effective solution. If you’re comfortable working on engines, explore kits as one of your rebuild options.

As a premium option, we offer Cat’s Precious Metals in-frame overhaul kits. This option is perhaps your best one when you’re considering an engine overhaul kit vs. commercial engine overhaul service. Again, explore your options. You may find that an overhaul is a great way to get your Cat engine running as good as new.

Our Engine Overhauls:

• Are Cat certified
• Provide you with “like new” appearance and operation
• Are performed by Cat certified technicians
• Adhere to rigid Cat quality standards and specifications
• Identify critical engineering updates
• Use genuine Cat parts
• Have a full Cat parts warranty
• Offer extended warranty options