Reman or Rebuild? Weigh Your Truck Engine Options

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Whether you’re dealing with a planned overhaul or an unplanned failure, one thing’s for sure: Replacing your truck engine requires an outlay of both time and money. That’s the bad news. The good news? You have options—and choosing the right one for your situation can help keep expense and downtime to a minimum.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of what’s available.

Reman Engine1. Buy a re-manufactured engine

Choosing a reman engine may be your best bet when it comes to saving both time and money, especially for unplanned failures. Reman engines are available off the shelf to get you back on the road fast. You also get same-as-new quality and a same-as-new warranty at 20-35%* off the cost of new. Another benefit: You can match the emissions level of your reman engine to the one you’re taking out of your truck.

That said, if you’re running an older truck, it may not be in your financial best interests to invest in a complete reman engine. Rebuilding may be a smarter option.

2. Have Foley Equipment rebuild engine

If buying a new or same-as-new engine isn’t in your budget, consider using Foley Equipment for your next engine rebuild. Foley Equipment has certified professionals who will rebuild your engine using genuine diesel engine parts and manufacturer’s reman components when available to keep costs down. We also test your rebuilt engine using the same standards applied to new models and back the entire rebuild—not just new parts—with a warranty.

3. Rebuild engine yourself

Have time and expertise on your side? Think about doing the rebuild yourself. You won’t pay labor—and by taking advantage of re-manufactured diesel engine parts, you can save even more. Buying reman turbochargers, reman starters, reman fuel injectors and other components off the shelf keeps repair time and costs down. So do Precious Metals overhaul kits—you only need to order one part number to get all the components you need.


Which Option is Right for You?

There’s no single “right” answer. But if you weigh all the factors—downtime, cost, availability, emissions requirements, age of your truck, personal rebuild capabilities—one of these options is sure to rise to the top. Prefer to get an expert’s opinion before you make a decision? Contact us at today at (866) 434-3813 and we’ll walk you through your options.

* Exact percentages vary and depend on the condition of your core and other factors.