CAT® Reman Long Block Engines

A cost effective overhaul option for your on-highway truck engine

A Cat® Reman Long Block gives you the quality and warranty you expect from a Cat product. And it saves you time, with a fully remanufactured and assembled product.

> No need for reusability determination
> No need to measure liner projection
> No dealing with rust & corrosion issues or broken bolts
> No need to outsource machining work

A Cat Long block is a great repair option for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th overhaul because some of the components reused on the 1st overhaul may no longer meet reusability guidelines.


Long Block Cat Engine

Reman Long Block Consist by Engine Model:

ASSEMBLED PARTSC9C-10C11C-12C13C-15 3406EC15
Block Group - CylinderXXXXXXX
Rod & Piston & Liner GroupXXXXXXX
Crankshaft GroupXXXXXXX
Cylinder HeadXXXXXXX
Camshaft GroupXXXXXXX
Mechanism Group – ValveXXXXXXX
Variable Valve Assembly (VVA)XXX
Lifting Eye GroupXXXXXXX
Gear Group – FrontXXXXXXX
Housing Group - FrontXXXXXXX
Cover GroupXXXXXXX
Cover Group – Valve MechXX
Pump Group – WaterXX
HEUI Pump & Fuel Transfer PumpX
Ship Loose Parts
Core (Assembly) – Oil CoolerXXXXXXX
Breather AssemblyX
Pump Group – Fuel TransferXXXXXX
Pump Group – Engine OilXXXXX
Water Pump GroupXXXXXX

X = Contained in Long Block

Part Number Matrix:

Sales ModelEngine S/NHorsepower RangeLong Block
C-122KS335 – 455 hp10R1406*
C-12MBL335 – 455 hp10R1384
C13 ACERTKCB335 – 430 hp10R6464
C13 ACERTLEE335 – 430 hp10R9376
3406E5EK435 – 550 hp0R-7961
3406E6TS435 – 550 hp0R-7961
3406E2WS435 – 550 hp10R1512
3406E1LW435 – 550 hp0R1097
C-156NZ435 – 550 hp10R1061
C-15MBN435 – 525 hp10R1372
C15 ACERTBXS435 – 550 hp10R4411
C15 ACERTMXS435 – 550 hp10R4412
C15 ACERTNXS435 – 550 hp10R4412
C15 ACERTMXS600 – 625 hp10R4413
C15 ACERTNXS600 – 625 hp10R4413
C15 ACERTSDP435 – 550 hp10R9486

* When using 10R-1406 for 2KS 1-39999 use software for 2KS-40000-UP

Using a Cat Reman long block for your overhaul may align with other repairs, like rear main crankshaft seal replacement or clutch replacement, saving you thousands in labor costs. And they’re  remanufactured to original specifications to meet Caterpillar quality standards, so you can keep running with lower owning and operating costs.

An unlimited-mileage, 12-month parts warranty covering parts, labor and resultant damage comes standard. Add Extended Service Coverage for 24, 36 or 48 months — no mileage or hour limitations.