Fueling Forward: Accelerating Zero-Emissions With Innovative Energy Solutions

The challenge with transitioning to clean energy at a large scale is about connecting supply with demand in the right location and with the right customers.

Electric Solutions

Electricity for battery-powered vehicles is available today. However, the ability to charge large batteries for commercial trucks still faces several challenges. Grid capacity, optimal recharging times, and infrastructure for effective operations are examples of complexities that remain. Our solution focuses on consulting you throughout the process and supporting the transition to permanent charging infrastructure with our mobile charging solutions.

With the Right Partner, The Road is Yours

Every day the rate of change in commercial transportation shifts into a higher gear. You need a partner that can help you leverage your strengths while providing you with the insights to help you develop in your marketplace. Foley RIG360's sister company, Foley Power Solutions has a proven track record of supporting businesses and communities with solutions that are engineered to operate at peak efficiency and deliver power when and where it’s needed most.

Today, more than ever, Foley Power Solutions is a critical participant in developing sustainable communities, enabling economic growth through infrastructure and energy development, improving standards of living and developing new technologies to help our customer's succeed.

By selecting solutions from Foley, you are able to get an entire project from one vendor with expertise in both trucking and power.

Xos Charging Solutions

Xos Hub

The Hub is a mobile charging solution capable of charging up to 5 vehicles at one time. Conveniently packaged in a standard trailer, the Hub can be hauled to any location and extend the range of electric routes, or can be used at facilities which don't have chargers to quickly deploy electric trucks and to store energy to avoid peak-time charges.

  •  Charge Heads: 5 (charge 5 trucks at once)
  •  Charge Head: CCS1
  •  Charge Speed: 40 kw
  •  Battery Capacity: 400 kWh
  •  Site Power Requirement: 480V 3-Phase
    Power Source: 50-amp twist lock receptable  
  •  Trailer Length: 235"
  •  Trailer Width: 86"
  •  Trailer Height: 84"
  •  Trailer Weight: 15,000 lbs
  •  Trailer Connector Type: Pintle Hitch
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    Xos Chargers

    Xos Chargers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including mobile chargers and wall-mounted DC chargers, and range in size from 30-300kw. All Xos Chargers are WiFi and 4g enabled with built in touch screens, and include all cables and needed hardware. Available models:

  •  30kw EV Charger (wall mount)
  •  30kw EV Charger (portable)
  •  60kw EV Charger
  •  150kw EV Charger
  •  300kw liquid Cooling EV Charger
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