Preventive Maintenance

Foley RIG360 Truck Centers offer preventive maintenance solutions to keep your trucks running reliably.

Our customers count on us for our high quality service.  Foley RIG360 has a responsibility to provide the highest quality service to meet the needs of our partners.  To do that we provide:

1) Rigorous year round preventative maintenance schedule that improves truck up-time

2) Advanced system analytics to identify potential failures, track performance, cut costs and determine the optimal operating life for your truck engine

3) Repair items right the first time, to avoid multiple service visits

4) Source high-quality parts to keep your trucks running longer and more efficiently

We have helped many customers create their own personalized preventive maintenance plans tailored to their trucks and the type of driving they do.

Pick the preventive maintenance option that best fits your needs - or call us to customize your own.

Preventive Maintenance Options

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* Price Reflects Stock Oil & Cat Filters

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